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We the Parents Coronado’s mission is to ensure that Coronado Unified School District’s (CUSD)  mission aligns with the values of Coronado parents and that CUSD’s primary focus is on academic excellence not social engineering.


  • Academic Excellence​

  • Education not indoctrination

  • Opposed to racism in all forms

  • People should be judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin


Ensure that Coronado Unified School District focuses on academic excellence and does not permit Critical Theory (CT) to influence its curriculum, programs, training, and policies.


We the Parents Coronado is a grassroots movement of parents, grandparents, students and community members who believe that academic excellence is the key to a great school system. We believe that ALL men are created equal and should be judged by the content of their character NOT the color of their skin, no matter what color that is. 

We are concerned with the recent decisions of school boards across the country who have implemented Critical Race Theory (CRT) into their curriculums. CRT divides students into classes of “oppressor” and “oppressed” based on their skin color. We believe that CRT is an obstacle to achieving academic excellence in CUSD. We the Parents Coronado will fight to keep CRT out of our district in any form it presents itself. Recently our efforts have begun to pay off. We petitioned and won in convincing the school board to remove “racist, classist, and colorist” from the apology letter regarding our CHS boys basketball team. Along with other community members we were able to get the Pledge of Allegiance brought back to our schools, we were able to get No Place for Hate relegated to an extracurricular club, and we have gotten 4 out of 5 school board members to condemn Critical Race Theory. While these are all good things, CRT is always threatening to find its way into our schools via textbooks, supplemental material, teachers and programs like No Place for Hate. The bottom line is we need to be vigilant and we need parents, students and community members who are willing to use their voice to say “NO” to CRT. 


What Does CRT Teach?

“Many critical race theorists and social scientists alike hold that racism is pervasive, systemic, and deeply ingrained. If we take this perspective, then no white member of society seems quite so innocent.”

Critical Race Theory: An Introduction

Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic



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